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March 26, 2012
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Metro for Steam - 3.7 by BoneyardBrew Metro for Steam - 3.7 by BoneyardBrew - Screenshots - Steam Community - Changelogs - Donate (much appreciated!)

A skin for Steam inspired by Microsoft's design language, Metro UI.

Have a question?
See the FAQ first! Your question may already be answered. Also, check the comments here and on the Steam Community page. Finally, take a look at the Discussions on the Steam Community page. If your question hasn't been answered feel free to leave a comment below.

Upper-right of this page. NOT THE LINKS BELOW!

See readme!

Accent color, friends list variations, fonts, and decals can be changed online at or with the dedicated settings app, courtesy of SoapyHamHocks.

The desktop version for Windows can be downloaded at the following links. Place the executable in your Metro for Steam folder before running.
Online Settings App- Settings App (Executable) - Settings App (Source)
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RECCOMENDED FOR WINDOWS 8 USERS! Stupid "Caps Lock" button. :(
EnPfhy 1 day ago  New member
I LOVE this theme, but there's one little thing that might be a deal breaker for me, it's so inconvenient. When I have multiple conversations going on, it's REALLY hard to tell when I have a new message based only on those 3 tiny periods being slightly more white than the other messages. Is there some way to make them a different color when you have a new message, or make the whole message tab flash a different color, like the default skin does?

I REALLY love this skin, but I find it almost unbearable having to click on several chat windows every time I get a message to see which one the new message is in, constantly, in multiple ongoing chats.
BoneyardBrew 21 hours ago  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thank you. In addition to the icon change you should notice the name of the user flashing. Is this not the case?

I agree that just the periods would be awfully hard to notice but both together should give you a good indication as to who you've received a message from.
EnPfhy 7 hours ago  New member
Thanks for the reply.

It's definitely not flashing like it should, and I'm not sure if I'm the only one having this problem, but I've discovered, I think, why it's happening to me at least.

In the steam notifications settings, under "flash window when I receive a message", there's the options "Always", "only when minimized" , "Never"

I use "only when minimized" because I think it's just the right amount of notification. Normally, in that mode, if I have a few windows open, and one receives a new message, that tab will flash, and that's perfect. However, when I use this theme, with the "only when minimized" setting, I get no flashing at all, and only the "..." is a slightly brighter white.

Here's a screencap to show you what I mean. The right most chat received a new message, and you can see the periods are a little brighter, but the name/tab shows no other indication of a new message. Of course I waited a long time to see if it would flash before I took the screenshot. It just doesn't flash.

Now, if I switch it to "always" flash, then when I receive a message, the name flashes orange like it should. I can use this method, though I don't prefer it. I don't like it when the window I have up flashes while I can see it. I don't need that extra notification. I find it a little annoying. I much prefer the "when minimized" option, but if I have to use "always" to make notifications work, I'll do it, because i REALLY like this theme.
Great stuff. Been following this skin since the beginning - definitely evolved for the better! :D Latest release is great.
BoneyardBrew 1 day ago  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Hey, yes you have! Thanks for the kind words. :)
Not to mention those intense days a few years back of Firefox customization. :D Before the major release of Firefox 4 and such! ;)
BoneyardBrew 21 hours ago  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Ah yes, good times! Firefox is far more complicated these days, I'm afraid. =P
YourFriendRicardio 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great skin, been using it for a long time now

Recently updated though, and I can't seem to find the button that checked for skin updates, only the ones that look for client/driver updates. Am I missing it or did you remove it in a later version? 
BoneyardBrew 3 days ago  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thank you!

I renamed that link to "Official Website" but it still goes to the same place.
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